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About The Event

KPH VOLUME is a cultural institution based in Copenhagen, where we embrace the industrial history and the raw atmosphere, which forms the physical frame for one of the city’s most authentic venues.

The old tram depot is situated between Vesterbro and Sydhavnen at Enghavevej 80 and has, with its 700 square meters, room for events with everything from 30 to 800 guests.

KPH VOLUME is a cultural platform for many different events throughout the year such as concerts, exhibitions, festivals, conferences, movie recordings, photo shoots, fashion shows, DJ events and much more.

At the same time, we strive to be a space for Copenhagen’s citizens where there is no limit to creativity and where all people can test and develop their cultural skills and ideas, independent of their experience. We have facilities for all aspects of cultural production – from creating an idea to the final product.

Our vision is to be a unifying cultural institution, where the city’s many organizers can inspire and challenge each other in a professional setting. This is to the joy of all of us who appreciate a dynamic and vibrant music and cultural environment in Copenhagen.

KBH Volume

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KBH Volume

Date & Time

Event Date

13th April 2016

Event Time

19:00 - 20:00

KBH Volume




What I love about music the most, is the way it takes you out of this world.

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